Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

Why Adding an Outdoor Kitchen to Your Home is Beneficial

There is so much more to an outdoor kitchen than just being able to cook meals outside. Modern urban designers in Edmonton will tell you that much like a swimming pool, it actually adds to the connectivity of your home to the outdoors. However, unlike other spaces created in backyards, there’s more versatility to outdoor kitchens. A key advantage is the way it greatly improves being able to entertain your guests.

Why Is Adding an Outdoor Kitchen to Your Home Beneficial?

– It’s Easier to Clean Up Afterwards

Prep, cooking, and dining are made far more convenient by an outdoor kitchen. What most people may not know is that it also leads to cleaning up after being streamlined. To begin with, dishes no longer have to be transported from the outside to the inside and vice-versa. This is accomplished by having a dishwasher and sink built-in. Any dishes and utensils can then be cleaned as you go along, or immediately after. If that seems like a lot to think about, or you’re not sure how that would work in your backyard, Urban Sky can help you dream it up all the way to turning it into reality.

It’s also key to have a trash bin that’s built-in instead of a freestanding one. On top of being more discreet, it’s also far more sanitary.

– You Get a Triple Treat for Entertainment

When you have Urban Sky make provisions for an outdoor kitchen, you’re doing yourself a favour. Aside from the obvious cooking, you and your guests will be able to dine and lounge all in the same place. This is an upgrade from the typical backyard barbeque or grill since those involve people going in and out of the home.

Put a bar with refrigerated drawers for drinks, as well as a wine cooler. Have a smart TV hanging there so people can be entertained as they mingle. After the food is all eaten, the drinks are likely still flowing. At that point, everyone can gather around a fire pit.

– Your Backyard Will Have an Incredibly Unique Wow Factor

No two outdoor kitchens are completely alike, and with good reason. Have Urban Sky customize your outdoor kitchen according to the landscape of your home. If you have a pool, for example, you’ll want it to seem like an extension, so a coastal-inspired design is perfect. Get big patio umbrellas, shiplap siding, and even ceiling fans so you can give your backyard a full resort vibe.

Alternatively, a rustic backyard with trees will benefit from an outdoor kitchen giving off an organic vibe on a ridge or the base of a small hill. Have your appliances accented and the entire space defined with the use of stonework. If you’re looking for roofing options, the trees can give you one. Not only is it free, but it will also be open-air, which can be particularly wonderful on a starry night.


Having an outdoor kitchen in your home carries many benefits. This includes a wow factor unique to your backyard, simpler and more efficient cleanup, and having a triple treat for entertaining guests in your home. Moreover, it’s incredibly versatile and adds considerable overall value to your home.

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