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4 Exciting Home Design Trends for You to Try in 2021

Indeed, 2020 was a year when everyone stayed home most days due to the pandemic. When you spend that much time at home, you can’t help but notice things about your house that you probably never would have if the situation was different. Perhaps you now feel that your home needs some change in terms of design. But as trends in construction design come and go, you should know what’s in and what’s out before you start a project.

To help you achieve your dream home this year, Urban Sky’s experts will share some of the biggest trends in custom home design in 2021:

Mix the Old With the New

In the past, you needed to choose between going traditional or modern because you couldn’t do both. Thankfully, newer trends have been more relaxed and have allowed or even encouraged the incorporation of elements of both classic and contemporary.

In 2021, you can play with mismatched furniture and patterns, and don’t hesitate to mix industrial elements with rustic ones. As homeowners stay in their homes more often than ever before, you can work with Urban Sky’s home builders to add pieces that family members can connect with on a more sentimental level.

Bring the Outdoors In

This trend is perhaps rooted in everyone’s craving for the outside world. When you can’t go outside to enjoy nature, what else could you do but bring it in? This year, you can incorporate nature-inspired prints and materials in your design. In particular, Urban Sky has seen the use of reclaimed wood becoming more popular and growing plants indoors.

Natural materials like wicker, rattan, and burlap are the preferred materials, while staining is favoured over painting. You can also use floral and botanical prints for your wallpaper, throws, or pillows!

Add More Light

Another trend that Urban Sky’s experts have seen last year that won’t go anywhere soon is the use of natural light to brighten and open up spaces to achieve a more inviting atmosphere. You might want to consider installing skylights and French doors to let in more light. You can also use different lightning fixtures to “layer” lighting in every room. From using scones and table lamps to overhead lighting and even fairy lights, there are many creative ways you can add light as a decorative element!

Make Room for a Home Office

As more and more companies are making the switch to remote working, at least while the pandemic is still prevalent, it makes sense that one of the biggest trends in 2021 is the addition of dedicated home offices. If you have the space for it, you can ask Urban Sky’s custom home builders to build you an addition. You may also just want to create one in a quieter corner or room in your home. This particular project aims to maximize comfort and productivity, so make sure that you consider those during the designing phase!


These are just four of the many new home design trends that are considered “major” in 2021. It appears that the ongoing concept is comfort and relaxation. Whether that is mixing and matching pieces, adding more plants, increasing light in your home, or creating a space for your remote work, make sure that any change you make is something that every member of your family will love!

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