At Urban Sky, we know that constructing your home is an exciting time! It is both a personal and satisfying experience as the culmination of your vision and dreams become reality. And, the quality of this experience is enhanced by working with a quality team like Urban Sky.
We understand that each home buyer is unique and will certainly look for different things in the home they are interested in designing and purchasing. Or, if you are a Urban Sky project investor; achieving the objectives you are looking for. Regardless of these different interests, both the home buyer and project investor can be confident in working with Urban Sky as a successful business with a clear vision.

exterior urban sky townhome in winter
living room with custom flooring and led lighting

Urban Sky’s end-to- end approach (from land purchase, design, financing, permits, construction and handover) marries modern concepts with solid building techniques that supports and fits how real people want to live in urban areas.

Urban Sky designs and builds reasonably priced urban homes – better built, better to live in, and easier to maintain. Urban Sky offers project investors and home buyers an unique opportunity to be involved in project and the design of their dream home with Urban Sky’s architectural and interior design teams.

Urban Sky presents their project Investors with a clear business model; one that is realistic, with a good, fundamentally sound plan. Urban Sky clearly presents the financial and operational plans.

Open concept dining room
family with young children

Urban Sky develops close personal connections with its project investors and home buyers. It is a priority for Urban Sky to cultivate positive relationships with our customers.
The Urban Sky team is passionate, talented, and the best at what they do. Both the home owner and the investor have an extremely experienced team in working with Urban Sky.