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4 Areas of the House That Must Have Proper Storage

Storage is a vital home aspect that not all typical house design incorporates. Adding this crucial element to the home design from the start would save any future homeowner time and money because a cluttered residence is never a beautiful sight. This is why having storage in different locations around the house makes staying organized and clean easy. On top of that, it can also increase the value of a home and bring added convenience to the household.

When thinking about storage, people often associate it with bathrooms or closets. However, it is not only exclusive to these spaces. Other rooms around the house should also have their proper storage.

In this article, we will share about four parts of the house that must also have their respective storage for a more efficient home living experience:

1) The Kitchen

The kitchen is where the cooking and sometimes entertaining of guests takes place. This means it is one of the busiest areas in the house and is often the most cluttered.

Cooking is not an easy task because it involves many kitchen tools, appliances, raw food, ingredients, and multiple steps to finish a delicious meal. If you are also storing food in the kitchen’s pantry, it can add to the kitchen chaos. Since the kitchen is where one makes food and treats guests, it is crucial to keep the space in order. Having designated locations for all kitchen items and ingredients will make cooking easier and faster and make the place easier to clean and maintain.

With proper storage, homeowners will have more counter space, table space, and even cabinet space. It then lessens the stress and improves the overall cooking experience as well!

2) The Laundry Room

Remember that if you have a bigger family, you will have more clothes to clean and dry. This is why the laundry room is another area in the house that could use a lot of storage. If the space is designed well, you can make a small space work efficiently for you. A laundry room should have a place to store the detergents and fabric softeners, and an area for washing clothes, removing stains, and folding clothes. By having a well-thought-out laundry room, you can effectively speed up the process of clothes washing.

3) The Home Office

Another room that is prone to clutter is the home office. Homeowners usually store documents, books, bills, office supplies, children’s art projects, and school supplies in this area. Adding shelves and placing storage boxes or organizers can instantly turn a chaotic space into something more eye-friendly. With a cleaned-up space, one can even focus better and work more productively.

4) The Entrance

This area is the most unnoticeable part of the house that needs proper storage. The entryway typically becomes the “drop zone” and any family member going in and out of the house looks for a substitute place to put the essential small items like keys, blazers, purses, shoes, or umbrellas. Allotting a specific area for these clutters can easily turn your lives around.

Add a cabinet or a locker system by the entrance of your home, and make sure to place some hooks where your family can hang their coats or scarves. Similarly, do not forget to add a little trinket container for the excess coins and keys and a shoe rack for the dirty shoes!


Sufficient storage must be incorporated seamlessly into the living space of the homeowners for them to be efficient. This is when you know that the storage design is a quality home solution. To ensure your home’s quality, think about the design carefully or seek professional designers’ help to efficiently utilize your home space!

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