Investing With Urban Sky

Now is the time to start investing in real estate! Interest rates are still low, there is a variety of good value urban housing options available to choose from, and these two factors make this an opportunistic time to begin or expand your real estate portfolio. With low interest rates, your carrying costs are low, cash flow is positive and, most likely, your asset will exceed the public stock market investment option. All-in-all, real estate investment provides good capital management with attractive Cap Rates.

So, how does the Urban Sky investment program work? Urban Sky’s private investment program raises funds for the acquisition of urban redevelopment land and the construction of the new build urban housing. The proceeds from your investment, are distributed at the time of sale of the new project.

To start, we present our investors with the unique opportunity for combined or stand-alone debt and/or equity capital investment structure. And, before each project begins, we put together a detailed investor package which clearly defines, up front, what the investment is, what the design-build project looks like, the costs, timeline, financial feasibility and the risk profile.

As Urban Sky is also an investor in its own projects, we have a vested interest to accurately evaluate exactly what the investment is and why it is worthwhile to make. And, the evaluation includes independent research and data that supports the best strategy for the project’s specific purpose; one that can realistically offer  an attractive and competitive return.

When you partner with Urban Sky, our team of professionals, who are experts in land acquisition, financial analysis, legal, design, construction, project management and controls, and selling, work with you to deliver results. We effectively manage the day-to-day timeline and operations of each project and provide you with regular updates on your investment while creating opportunities for you to have meaningful input along the way.

Urban Sky is proud to have an extended history of partnering with a solid repeat group of our investors. And we love receiving their feedback that our investors value the pro forma financials provided, our track record meeting our forecasted returns, the Urban Sky business model, and the strong relationships developed alongside one another.

Are you ready to partner with us? Urban Sky is currently welcoming investors that are interested in including real estate in their investment portfolio. Contact Tom Keogh at (587) 852-0738, or email


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