Urban Sky Developments Infill Homes: The Edmonton Experience

Edmonton’s infill housing market is changing thanks to organizations like IDEA, movement from City Council, feedback from new home buyers and suburban residents. In addition, Urban Sky, who specializes in infill housing developments, has also played an important role.

In a recent online article titled ‘The Changing face of Canada’s first suburbs’ Tim Querengesser highlights the evolution of Canadian suburbs and perpetuates the discussion of infill housing and the need for urban re-development.  He also describes how municipalities are dealing with unsustainable costs of sprawl and ways in which they aim to get more people back into their urban first suburbs. So, what’s involved in building an urban home? And, where does one start?

Back in 2017, Urban Sky had the privilege of working with a customer named Tim and his family to design and construct their new homes in the Prince Charles neighbourhood; just blocks from downtown. They shared the dream of urban living with Urban Sky, after researching the costs of extensively renovating and deciding on an alternative option. In their search, working with Urban Sky to design an infill home was the right fit.

Over the last several years Urban Sky has observed a change in Edmonton’s housing market. There has been a growing number of infill homes constructed near the hub of the City (urban first suburbs). And, we recognized the need for a more sustainable approach; one that makes use of existing municipal infrastructure and resources as the City’s population continues to increase. We really believe that, through infill development, we are helping to make a positive, ecological impact.

At Urban Sky, our philosophy is that “We build outstanding value.” We are committed to providing high quality homes at a reasonable price point; ones that maintain their value and long-term return on investment. And, we use our “end-to-end” approach to do so. This approach marries modern design with solid construction and supports how real people want to live in urban areas.

In meeting with Urban Sky and comparing the costs to renovate vs. building new, Tim felt it made the most financial sense to design the type of infill home that he and his wife had always wanted.

To start, Urban Sky helped with the land procurement and secured the necessary permits required to subdivide the land into two separate lots; one for his family and the second for his brother’s family. From there, Urban Sky’s interior designer met with Tim and his wife to understand what features and design elements were most important to them. These features were then crafted into the overall layout to create a thoughtful design; one that maximized use of space and that uniquely fit their lifestyle. Throughout the construction process, Urban Sky’s Project Manager worked diligently to ensure every detail of the home was incorporated. And, regular progress updates were provided to Tim as the home took shape.

Once completed, Tim and his family were able to move into their dream home; a space nestled within a walkable community, surrounded by mature trees and that breathed new life into one of Edmonton’s post war suburbs.

Interested in learning more about infill? Be sure to check out Canadian Geographic’s article: The Changing face of Canada’s  first suburbs.

Are you ready to achieve your dream of urban living? If so, check out our website or get in touch to see how we can work with you to help design and build your next home!


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