Savings, Safety and Value in an Intelligent Home

Today’s intelligent ‘smart’ electrically powered home is focused on results all home owners want: savings, safety, and value. Urban Sky Developments found that using Levven’s two-component electrical wireless switching allowed it to simplify the electrical installation. Simplified construction pays the way for every switch in the home to be mobile-device ready.

Convenience and Efficiency
Levven’s two-component electrical wireless switches eliminate wire between the switch and the electrical load. Levven’s wireless switches send on, off, and dim commands to their controllers using an RF signal – the same wireless method that automotive key fobs use to reliably lock and unlock car doors every day.
Levven’s wireless switches are mounted on the walls after painting. This lets installers work faster and completing their schedule sooner. Placing every switch exactly where it’s needed has enabled Urban Sky to improve safety and convenience in the design of their homes. Down the road, repositioning or reconfiguring any of the wireless switches can be done without hiring an electrician or cutting holes in walls.
Every wireless switch and controller in the home can be accessed via the Levven’s mobile app, whether at home or away. Dim lights or turn them on and off using either the wall switches, a spare wireless switch sitting on a coffee table in the TV room, or by using the mobile app.

Lower Energy Costs

Monthly energy bills are lower in Urban Sky intelligent ‘smart’ powered homes, because energy consumption is reduced with convenient, accessible electrical controls. Save on energy costs by making sure no devices or lights are draining electricity while away. Lights, a curling iron, even the TV – turn everything off with one touch of a master wireless switch, or one touch in the mobile app. Use the app to access your electrical system while away from home to check if anything was mistakenly left on.

Improved Safety
The Levven mobile app lets you personalize electrical controls as needed. Edit a switch to energize any combination of lights to make well-lit paths in and around the house. A one-touch path of light is helpful when you want to carry an armful of groceries from the garage through to the mudroom and kitchen without putting down the bags to switch on the lights. Safety at night is improved when you can light up multiple fixtures from a portable switch in your pocket or bedside table.

Control Wherever Needed
The wireless switches do not require wires, so portable switches can be used as remote controls. Keep a portable switch clipped to your car’s sunvisor and use it to turn lights on or off without getting out of the vehicle.
“Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights.” If you like Alexa and Google Home voice control products, you can connect smart speakers to your home’s electrical system and use voice commands to turn lights on and off.

Conservation and Improved Resale

Building with intelligent electrical infrastructure shrinks your environmental footprint and boosts your future resale value. This year, a billion feet of copper wire will be used to connect lights and switches in residential homes. Urban Sky’s homes are helping to reduce that usage and conserve a finite resource for future generations. Further, having a mobile-device accessible electrical system makes an Urban Sky home attractive to prospective buyers, and for homeowner’s added value if they decide to sell in the future.
Savings, safety, and value. That’s the Urban Sky intelligent ‘smart’ powered home standard.

Submitted by Nathan Smith / Levven and Tom Keogh/Urban Sky Aug 09 2019;

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