Why Should You Hire an Infill Builder?

Purchasing a home is an exciting experience. Moving into a great location in a custom home is what every homeowner dreams of. The reality facing buyers looking for a central location is either spending considerable time and money renovating and retrofitting the older home (which always takes more time and money than the buyer planned) or, the better option, to replace it with a new, custom, standard sized infill house (no, not a ‘skinny’ house – many infills are standard size houses or larger). An infill home is the perfect solution, for an urban setting that offers access to the many and varied amenities found in the urban subdivisions (many of those are not normally found in the suburbs).

This is an important job, and not just any designer or builder can take on this massive task. 

When it comes to the design and construction, an infill development is unique. Infill development involves an overwhelming number, type, level, and complexity of detail. It requires a combination of having the vision for the buyer’s dream home, while bringing the necessary resources and expertise together with the required level of attention to detail. This is where your infill design-build specialist shines. 

Your infill design-builder considers the size, location, and environmental impacts, and navigates through everything on your behalf, including the ins and outs of legal and technical-ese for items like the asbestos removal of the old house, new utilities, tree and boulevard protection, temporary power and heat. The infill design-builder manages these on your behalf and stays on top of zoning and regulatory issues. Taking care of all this detail takes time, expertise, and resources…a full-time job provided by your infill Design-Builder! 

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