6 Ideas to Make Your Home Ready for the New Year

‘New year, new me,’ is surely a good way to start your year. And while you welcome new beginnings, embracing change as your new year’s resolution is in order too! However, why not extend these changes to your somber home as well? Your home has withstood the test of time and now, it is ready for a makeover. Here are a few ideas that could give your home a novel appearance and elevate its ambiance:

Change the Wall Decor

Gone are the days of monochromes. This year, let your creativity flow and bring art to your home by choosing from a wide spectrum of designer wallpapers, wall paint and eye-pleasing murals, paired with a few wall hangings or photo frames. If you want a more sophisticated look, you can choose a much-suited color palette for your home.

Switch to a Seamless Kitchen

A modern architectural feature includes a seamless kitchen. Your kitchen and living room can blend seamlessly without any territorial spaces. Remodeling your house in such a way will manifest a broader living space and with proper interior schemes, your kitchen can merge with the background of the living room without it being conspicuous on the eye.

Infuse Suave Home Textiles

The textile occupancy in your home is one of the largest, hence adorning your home with a variety of interior textiles can change its dynamic. Switch to more natural and sustainable fabrics for this year to improve the quality of living. Your home can include natural textile fabrics like bamboo, wool, cotton, hemp or silk, among others, that foster a soothing element to life.

Add Biophilic Interior Designs

Biophilic interior designs bring nature to you. With the grueling work-from-home tasks, you seldom go outside for a fresh retreat or even a walk in the park. This design allows your home to promote a healthy home environment with proper airflow and ventilation, natural light as well as flora. You can install large windows, open airy spaces or potted plants in your house for such an effect.

Choose Metallic Accents

If you want to give your humble abode some affluent tones, metallic accents can do the work for you with ease. Metallic accents of silver and shiny gold speak the undertones of luxury. You could also install metallic mirrors, aesthetically pleasing vases or dinner table accessories paired with vivacious earthy colors of leaf green, brown or gray to accentuate the look of your house.

Practise Minimalism

Are you looking for extra space within your house? Well, your house might be cluttered! With the ideology of ‘less is more’ in your mind this year, strip a few non-essential things and build a home that is comfortable and spacious.

You can never go wrong with proper planning and execution for your home. Moreover, if you have a trusted partner, even better! Urban Sky Developments is enriched with hands-on insight and creative knowledge of home building and designing that can help you create your dream home. Happy new year!

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