Three Steps for Infill Housing

Nexthome asked Urban Sky to provide its input on its recent feature article on Edmonton’s Infill housing.
Infill housing plays a crucial role in Edmonton’s housing development as it uses under-utilized and existing city services, builds parks, creates new businesses and more. In addition, the direct & indirect economic impact contributed by the infill sector is more important than ever before. From the purchasing of local construction material & hiring of local labor; the new infill substantially increases property taxes, indirectly adds employment by new local businesses and significantly reduces and lowers suburban development costs (that are paid by taxpayers).

Urban Sky’s 3 Steps for Infill Housing
Step 1: Know your budget limit and time frame; both can be determined at the conceptual stage. We can do this.
Step 1 Find the land. Start by identifying your 2-3 preferred urban (mature) subdivisions. We can find and purchase it for you.
Step 2 Design the house; style, size, floor plans, secondary suites (yes/no), along with the exterior look. It’s here that you’ll work side-by-side with our design team.

With over 60 years experience, Urban Sky has gone through many situations and provides realistic and open communication. We are known for exceptional attention to detail, a blend of functional and architectural designs, and structured controls for budget and schedule.  Have questions or are ready to start building your new infill home? Contact us to learn more.

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