3 Cost-Saving Tips for Custom Building Your First Home

Buying a home is an exciting venture that marks the next chapter of your adulthood, but building your future living space from the ground-up can take the dream to greater heights. Custom home builds offer the rare opportunity to curate every detail according to your unique needs and lifestyle, but it can quickly burn holes through anyone’s wallet.

With a well-defined budget and cost-effective planning, constructing a custom home from scratch can save you money in the long run all while hitting the checklist for your perfect space. If you’re looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing comfort, functionality, and beauty, consider the money-saving tips for your custom home below:

Tip #1: Create an Estimate of the Building Costs

The best way to maximize your budget for a custom home is to first determine an estimate for your building costs. It’s surprising how many hidden fees that can eat away your budget as the project progresses, which is why it helps to gather information by talking with all other contractors involved in making this happen.

You’ll have the option to source your own materials too, though the right home builder should suggest budget-friendly vendors and suppliers that can provide slashed deals on bulk items. On top of the construction costs, be sure to include other expenses such as post-construction landscaping and more.

Tip #2: Go Smaller, Functional, and Open

Gone are the days when mansions are all-the-rage. When it comes to building the home of your dreams, modern spaces focus on maximizing functionality with fewer square footage. With that in mind, it’s logical to think that going smaller will lower the price, but it doesn’t have to compromise your experience.

A humble home with an open floor plan, for instance, can make the space feel breathable, light, and have more room for smart storage solutions. Without any dividers, the living room can act as a dining, entertainment, and workspace all in one!

Interior walls and hallways mean more materials, wiring, and plumbing to consider, so cutting it all out by going for an open space allows you to achieve a seamless space without costing you an extra thousand dollars.

Tip #3: Choose a Budget-Friendly House Type

The type of house you’re planning to build will also greatly impact the overall price, so when it comes to money-saving hacks, going up is the way to go! Building a wide, ranch-inspired type of home can eat up more land space, which requires extra expenses for the foundation and the roof.

On the other hand, a two-story home only needs a few square footages and roofing materials, both of which can drastically lower your building cost anywhere between $10,000 to a whopping $20,000 worth of savings.

The Bottom Line: Exploring Ways to Build a Luxurious House for Less the Price

Building your dream home from scratch is a fantasy for many growing families, but you don’t need to suffer financially to achieve this luxury. Other than the money-saving tips above, choosing the right building contractor can also save you plenty of money, time, and effort from start to finish.

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