Top 4 Tips in Choosing the Right Exterior Color For Your Home

The colour of your exterior can make all the difference! Besides choosing the right custom home builders and interior designers, you should also place importance on the exterior paint colour. The exterior colour will have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your home—it can either complete the look or kill your curb appeal!

Selecting a colour can prove to be much more stressful and difficult than your interior design, mainly because it’s such a public decision. On top of meeting your own criteria, you are also pressured by how your neighbours and future buyers will perceive your property.

To choose the right exterior colour that everyone will be satisfied with, just read through our guide below.

– Pick a Shade

You may think that choosing a shade this early could be too soon, but keep in mind that “shade” is different from “colour.” Shade refers to a mixture of pure colours with only black added; it darkens the colour, but the hue remains the same. The shade can range from dark to light—and even the smallest variation can make a difference to your exterior!

What shade do you want your house’s exterior to be? Do you want a light, medium, or dark shade? You can browse through photos on Pinterest for inspiration or consult our designers at Urban Sky to provide expert advice on which shade would look best for your home.

– Take Note of Your Roof Color

The colours of your roof, your house’s exterior, and other parts of the property must complement each other as well. Study the outside of your home and consider every colour you see—check your trim, windows, shutters, front door, and siding. What colour are they?

The colour you choose to paint your exterior with must be harmonious with the other colours of your home. If you don’t want to end up with a chaotic or bland result, you should make sure that the colour combination is harmonious and looks visually pleasing.

Urban Sky won’t allow you to make a colour mistake! With our help, you can have a house that looks nice on the inside and outside.

– Don’t Forget About Light

Light plays an integral role in the colour you choose. No matter what brand of paint you use, direct sunlight will change the appearance of your colour.

Under daylight, your desired colour can seem cooler or bluer than it actually is. To prevent your exterior colour from looking too cool or blue, you should go at least two to three times warmer.

Choosing the “wrong” colour on purpose may feel a little wrong—but you won’t regret it, especially when the blend of colours shows up under the light! Urban Sky can help you with selecting colours, so you can have the perfect exterior when exposed to natural light.

– Sample Before Painting

Choosing a colour is only half the battle! You can’t immediately paint a colour purely based on the swatch you selected. Before going through the painting process, you should first test your colours next to any fixed elements, such as stone, shingles, and wood, in both sunlight and shade.

The direction your house is facing and the amount of shading your home has will have an impact on the appearance of your property. Make sure to look at your samples during different times of the day so that you can get the colour you’ll love! If you’re having a difficult time with this, then our specialists at Urban Sky Development can help you find the best colour!


A lot relies on the exterior colour you choose, as it can make or break your house’s overall appearance. However, choosing an exterior colour doesn’t have to be a daunting task! As long as you follow our tips and work with the best design-build firm, you can easily select a suitable colour and have a home you’ll be happy to live in for the years to come.

Are you looking for your dream home? Leave it to Urban Sky Development to bring your vision to life! Our design-build firm will work with you to provide an opportunity to design and custom-build in an established neighbourhood that you’ll definitely love. View our available homes today!