Infill Housing

The Advantages of Infill Housing

The process of building new houses in developed neighbourhoods is called infill housing. Infill homes let you have a new home on an old lot—you get the convenience of having an existing community and the luxury of a brand new house with this process. Individuals and developers can both choose to have infill housing.

If you decide on building an infill home, you might have to buy a house and lot and demolish the existing home to build a new one. You can do this in most neighbourhoods—cities grant permits for abolishing old houses. One exception would be protected areas. Some homes are in significant areas where the government prohibits building or demolishing structures. They do so for reasons of preserving heritage or environmental protection.

There are also projects on a neighbourhood level. Urban Sky Developments are infill home builders who also handle multi-residence projects like Inglewood, a 16-unit complex just minutes from downtown Edmonton. In neighbourhood-level infill projects, the city government and a contractor re-develop areas that have fallen into disuse or disrepair. Infill housing renews areas in a city to promote their rejuvenation.

What Are the Advantages of Infill Housing?

There are a ton of advantages linked to choosing infill over new developments. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering infill housing for you and your family.

Infill Housing Is Eco-friendly

When you build an infill home, you are helping the environment. Since you’re using an old lot, you won’t need additional land development, so the city grows and becomes newer without expanding and taking up more land.

It Gives You More Choices

When you opt for infill housing, you can build in any neighbourhood you want. You don’t need to limit yourself to communities currently undergoing development. You can build your home in an area with mature trees, larger lots, or quieter streets. You can even build in your current neighbourhood, so you can stay in the school system and social circles you have established. Plus, you get the opportunity to support local, as well as revitalize and breathe new life into existing communities.

You Can Be Closer to the City Centre

Most new developments are several minutes away from city amenities. You need to have a car or go to a community connected to major public transport lines. If you go for infill housing, you can be closer to the city centre, which means more bus systems and transit routes for you. When choosing a partner, get infill home builders who are systematic about sourcing lots, like Urban Sky Developments—you should have the best long-term returns on your investment!

Infill Housing Is a Win-Win Solution

When you build a new home in an old community, you revitalize the area while increasing the value of your lot and the lots around yours. What’s more, communities often provide incentives for people who go for infill instead of new homes. The Infill Development in Edmonton Association helps homeowners maximize their infill building. You could also access grants, cost-share programs, and other government initiatives if you choose infill housing.


There are several pros to building infill homes. If you value the convenience of living near the city centre and have a budget for the fees you need for complying with city ordinances, demolitions, and more, you should consider infill housing. If you don’t mind the long drive to and from the city and would like to save on fees, perhaps a new development is suitable for you. It all comes down to your family’s values and needs.

Build your dream house with Urban Sky Developments! We are infill home builders in Edmonton, and our experienced team’s end-to-end approach combines modern processes with tried-and-true building techniques to help you create a home that fits how you live. Check our current projects or contact us today for more information.

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