Three Steps for Infill Housing

Nexthome asked Urban Sky to provide its input on its recent feature article on Edmonton’s Infill housing.
Infill housing plays a crucial role in Edmonton’s housing development as it uses under-utilized and existing city services, builds parks, creates new businesses and more. In addition, the direct & indirect economic impact contributed by the infill sector is more important than ever before. From the purchasing of local construction material & hiring of local labor; the new infill substantially increases property taxes, indirectly adds employment by new local businesses and significantly reduces and lowers suburban development costs (that are paid by taxpayers).

Urban Sky’s 3 Steps for Infill Housing
Step 1: Know your budget limit and time frame; both can be determined at the conceptual stage. We can do this.
Step 1 Find the land. Start by identifying your 2-3 preferred urban (mature) subdivisions. We can find and purchase it for you.
Step 2 Design the house; style, size, floor plans, secondary suites (yes/no), along with the exterior look. It’s here that you’ll work side-by-side with our design team.

With over 60 years experience, Urban Sky has gone through many situations and provides realistic and open communication. We are known for exceptional attention to detail, a blend of functional and architectural designs, and structured controls for budget and schedule.  Have questions or are ready to start building your new infill home? Contact us to learn more.

Building Your Custom Home

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Custom Home

Every homeowner dreams of living in a space tailored to their unique taste and lifestyle; that’s why building a custom home from scratch has its perks for those who want complete control over the finished product.

It’s an exciting yet expensive process that can guarantee total personalization, but starting from the ground up also leaves more room for costly mistakes down the line. These errors can turn your fantasies into a living nightmare, so don’t let yourself settle in a less-than-ideal space by understanding what can go wrong when planning for a custom home:

Mistake #1: Buying a Lot Before Considering the Preparation Site for the Building

Many people seal the deal when they find a plot of land conveniently placed near good schools, offices, hospitals, or shopping districts. It guarantees a better quality of life to be near establishments designed to make life better for the community, but jumping the gun without planning for the site’s preparation needs can lead to disastrous results.

Don’t forget to consider easy-to-overlook factors such as access to running water, sewer, electric, and gas lines as all these components are fundamental to any liveable property. Purchasing a lot without considering these costs can throw you out of your budget, especially when the building contractors require excavation projects, tree clearance, and more.

Mistake #2: Customizing Your Home Without Taking the Location Into Consideration

A custom build gives homeowners the freedom to construct their home according to their top Pinterest saves, but that doesn’t mean that every upgrade and feature will suit your location. Eco-conscious homeowners who plan on installing solar panels, for instance, will need to consider if the plot is set in a sunny area.

Pushing through with solar panels even if your house is in a shady spot will render them ineffective, so be sure to consider whether your home upgrades are suitable for the specific plot you have. Certain rules in the town’s homeowners association may limit the size of the house you can build, so be sure to ask around first before penning down your blueprints.

Mistake #3: Forgetting to Consider Future Plans When Designing Your Custom Home

Designing your custom home is often the most exciting stage, but most tend to focus on short-term goals. For example, a starter family should consider how many children they plan on having since it will significantly affect the number of bedrooms they need to include. With that in mind, the key to designing a future-proof home is to balance your current lifestyle and make room for any needs that may change as time passes by.

The Bottom Line: Planning Ahead Literally Pays Off When Building a Custom Home

Building a custom home takes plenty of work and considerations, so having the right contractors to help navigate the complex process is crucial if you want to avoid any headaches along the way.

Why Choose Us?

Building a home from the ground up is a dream of many, so hiring the right custom home builders in Edmonton, AB is crucial to ensure it all becomes a reality. We can help turn your vision into life with our modern urban designers – be it for modern townhomes, infill housing projects, and major renovations.

Get in touch with us at (587) 852-0738 and see what we can do to bring quality, affordable, and modern design to your doorsteps.

Custom-Built Home

5 Benefits You Can Enjoy from Owning a Custom-Built Home

Custom homes are unique and special, and so are the reasons behind building them. Many prefer customizing their dream homes to purchasing a prebuilt one for various reasons. Some want to create a home that perfectly fits their lifestyle, while others simply want to build a custom home to rent out. Regardless, custom homes provide plenty of benefits, some of which rentals and other similar options cannot offer.

In this article, we will share all the benefits a custom home has to offer, all of which are great reasons to get one built.

1) Low Maintenance

Building a home is not easy, but it will need little to no maintenance once it is completed because every part of the house is essentially new. You would not need to inspect it for issues or even invest extra money to fix problems. Everything would be as good as new, and even after a few years, you still would not have to do as much compared to purchasing an old home.

2) Low Interest Rates

Today’s interest rates are at an all-time low and now’s the chance to pre-qualify for a mortgage to build a home. A loan broker can help you look for the best mortgage option to finance your new custom house. The low rates will save you plenty of money in the long run, which can be redirected to renovation and other uses.

3) Excellent Investment

A property will rise in value as time goes by. The fact that you do not have to spend to maintain the home makes it a significant investment. Even if you did not want to build from scratch, purchasing a relatively new custom home is still an excellent investment. Again, its value will only increase, meaning you will make plenty of profit if you decide to sell it later.

4) Affordable Residence

Building a custom home or buying one is more affordable in the long run than renting and other similar options. Renting properties is a commitment to pay large rent indefinitely. Rent prices can also go up for various reasons, and it will not stop until something changes. Rent can be more expensive than mortgage payments, which makes the ownership of a home a much more affordable solution.

5) Pride of Owning a Home

Nothing beats the pride of owning a home. It is a big accomplishment for anyone. When you own a home, you can do anything with it. You can customize it to your heart’s content to support your lifestyle and allow you to live as you dream.


What are you waiting for? If you have not built or bought a custom home for yourself, now’s the time to do so. There are plenty of ways to secure yourself a home, some of which are relatively affordable. Plus, starting now can secure you all the benefits for the future, whether that means an increase in your home’s value or low interest rates on your mortgage. 

That being said, if you are planning to build a home, take the time to look for reliable, professional home builders to do the job for you. This will guarantee your home is made according to your needs and preferences. It also ensures that it will stand the test of time.

Urban Sky Developments are experts in home construction that can help you design and build your dream home. If you are looking for custom home builders in Edmonton, work with us today!


Custom Homes

Debunking 5 Common Myths About Custom Homes – Our Guide

Building a custom home isn’t a walk in the park because you will likely face many challenges and misinformation along the way, especially if you are don’t have time to collect the information you need. That’s where an experienced custom home builder like Urban Sky Developments makes it easier. Let’s first start by debunking some of the more common myths

– You Need To Have A Design Of Your Own

No––building a custom home with Urban Sky does not require you to have it all figured out by yourself. In fact, all you need is some basic ideas or a rough hand-drawn sketch. One of the many reasons people get intimidated by the thought of a custom home is because they think they have to design it all on their own.

With Urban Sky, you only need a rough idea of what you want, and then you can let us turn your idea into life. You don’t need a design experience to make this happen!

– It Takes A Longer Time To Build

Not all custom homes take longer because it all depends on the design and build. Some would even take a shorter time to complete than traditional homes. Yes, weather may have an impact on the schedule, but Urban Sky will keep you regularly informed, updated and work hard to finish the project according to a reasonable timeline.

– It Is A Complicated Process

Building properties is indeed a complicated job, whether or not it is a custom one. For this reason, it all comes down to the Design Build construction company you work with to make the process so much easier. Despite the complexities of the project, Urban Sky will be able to “rise” above it and deal with it professionally, and that is what’s important the most.

With 60 years of combined experience and a host of successful projects, Urban Sky’s experts will ensure that the process will go as seamlessly as possible so that you won’t have any headaches!

– You Will Face Many Hidden Charges

Many people think that custom homes will incur significant hidden charges. If you hear stories about custom homes with huge hidden costs, it’s important to remember that this isn’t because of a custom home, but more like the lack of detailed planning, design and cost estimating.

For this reason, it’s important to hire a reliable contractor with experience, a detailed planning & design process, and a positive track.

– It Is A Challenge To Communicate With Custom Builders

Urban Sky is different because it’s all about communication, honesty, and building the exact home their clients want. At Urban Sky we know the importance of communication when working on a project…we have been doing it for many years!


With these common myths debunked you can go on your way and have that custom home built that you have always wanted. At the same time, keep in mind that hiring a reputable construction company is crucial, so take the time to do your research and find the best custom home builder you can work with that will give you the best service!

Urban Sky Developments is one of the best custom home builders in Edmonton, AB, specialists with new infills. Let our experts design and build your custom home so that it satisfies your needs. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!


Building Infill: It Takes a Community

As we continue to operate within the new normal, Edmonton’s Infill industry, businesses and communities are working together. In doing so, Urban Sky recently had the opportunity to meet with MP James Cumming; who is passionate about the Edmonton community he serves. With his background in construction and real estate, he wanted to get out to the ‘front lines’ to see first-hand the activity that continues, despite the challenges of the pandemic. And, it just so happens that Urban Sky has infill development projects and residential builds within MP Cummings riding.
During the tour, we were able to showcase and discuss with MP Cumming, not only Urban Sky Developments, but also highlight the positive aspects and economic impacts from urban residential development.” Some which include:

• proximity to commercial destinations and various local amenities. With ease of access to alternative transportation options such as cycling, or transit this can help to reduce overall emissions.
• better utilization of existing infrastructure and municipal services.
• increase to the type and quantity of redeveloped urban infill housing options available. If you are looking to upgrade or downsize; infills provide the opportunity to stay within a neighborhood that you love while choosing a home that best suits your needs and budget.
• better support for local businesses and community services through increased density and usage. I.e.) coffee shops, specialty retail, schools, recreation facilities, etc.

Despite the ‘new normal’ challenges, Urban Sky and the Edmonton infill industry continues to operate (within the required restrictions), using local labor and building material. The economic impact of this is significant; not only at the time of construction, but after the new home is occupied as it generates additional property tax income for the City.

As the tour concluded, Cumming commented that he “had a fantastic afternoon touring infill sites with Tom Keogh from Urban Sky. Great entrepreneur who loves this city and is doing amazing things for it.”
Tom also concluded “We are proud to show the positive impacts that urban residential is making. Imagine how it can grow and benefit many more people if we can [continue] to make improvements to processes, systems, administration, etc.”

Home Builder

2 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Custom Home Builder

To anyone, the idea of building a home from the ground-up often proves to be an experience unlike any other because of how significant it is in terms of fulfillment. In fact, the thought of having a home that suits every standard that you’ve set for a “dream home” to call your own bears a feeling unlike any other.

Compared to buying a new home or getting a pre-owned one off the lot, building one from the ground-up allows you to be in control of the final turnout. This advantage essentially means that you don’t end up with a property with a few parts or sections that you aren’t entirely happy with, leaving you with only the “perfect” property to work with.

Now, while it’s easy to see why building your own home beats the idea of getting a pre-built one by a mile, it’s also important to remember that it involves taking on additional responsibilities.

When it comes to ensuring that everything goes smoothly as you put your dream property together, you’ll need to handle different processes such as choosing materials, complying with regulations, and the like. However, out of all the different matters that you’ll need to worry about, the task of picking the right custom home builder can prove to be the most difficult!

The Difficulty of Finding the Right Service Provider (And a Few Questions That Can Help)

Today, the Canadian home building industry is much larger than ever, thanks to the wide range of available service providers helping tens of thousands of budding homeowners turn their dreams into reality. Although it may be great to have an abundance of options to choose from, settling on the right option to work with can be even more difficult because of the alternatives to consider.

Fortunately, there are a few questions that you can ask so that you can easily sift through available options to get the project underway with a professional builder:

1) “How Can You Stay on Budget?”

Often, the concept of budget maximization is very telling of a custom home builder’s capabilities because it sheds light on their experience, resourcefulness, and overall creativity. Also, all three qualities are required when it comes to building a dream home within the realms of a reasonable budget and top-grade quality.

Although a question like this may not seem so significant at first because of how “niche” it can be, the reality is that it can go a long way towards determining the right builder for your needs. However, aside from sifting out options, this specific inquiry will help shed light on what you can expect while allowing you to prepare for any contingencies without the risk of costly and inconvenient oversights!

2) “What Is the Timeframe Like?”

In the custom home building world, a common fact that experts with aspiring clients know is that there isn’t a “definite” time for the duration of a construction project. This is why you must ask about their timeframes. 

When you ask about the timeframe of a construction project when surveying the list of available builders that you’re contemplating on, matters can go in one of two ways: 

  1. You’ll be given an outright flat timeline that applies regardless of house size or additional questions, which is a clear sign that a builder is untrustworthy.
  2. You’ll be asked a series of different questions and be given a resulting answer based on the information that you provide, which is a great sign that shows a builder’s expertise and attention to quality. 

Above all else, timeframes help determine whether a custom home builder is worth working with because it shows their attention to detail, dedication to getting things right the first time, and the collaboration they’re willing to undertake. When you ask for a specific answer with regards to time from an expert like Urban Sky Developments, you’ll be walked through the general timeframe and the different tasks and components that comprise it! 


Out of the different parts of the home building process that raise the most concern and bear some level of difficulty, the experience of choosing the right custom home builder to work with can be the most challenging. Thankfully, asking the two questions mentioned above will point you in the right direction and ensure that you settle for a service provider that has your best interests in mind! 

Are you looking for a custom home builder in Edmonton that can help you put your dream home together with relative ease? Our team of experts has got you covered. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment and consultation with our experts!

Custom-Built Home

How to Make the Most Out of Upgrading Your Custom-Built Home

For anyone that’s building a custom home, maximizing the budget is key. There is a balance that needs to be struck between the best your family deserves and one that’s within budget. A great way to go about this is to assess how your family lives, and think about which features would be non-negotiables. Many modern urban designers in Edmonton are keen on working closely with their clients to give them their exact dream home within their budget.

No two families will be exactly alike, but there are definitely key things that everyone generally prefers. Here are some ways to make the most out of upgrading your custom built home:

Additional Garage Space

Yes, the addition of a new garage can be quite pricey. However, it will certainly prove itself to be worth it in the long run. On top of having more storage space you can work with, the overall resale appeal of your home will increase.

Bigger Kitchen Island

There are so many uses for a kitchen island in a home, especially in modern kitchens. Aside from being a cooking area and dining space, it also serves as extra storage and even children’s entertainment. With all that in mind, it makes perfect sense that the larger you go, the better.

Granite Countertops

This will definitely cost a bit more, but the return on investment will be incredible. There’s a classy, gorgeous touch to having granite countertops. They’re also incredibly durable. Not sure where it would look best? Custom home builders will have no problem installing these for you, whether you want them in your bathroom or kitchen.

Hardwood Flooring

If you already have hardwood floors in some parts of your home, then good! It would be great if they were in high-traffic areas, though! Aside from being absolutely beautiful, they’re extremely durable. Foot traffic is withstood far better by hardwood instead of carpet. Also, they contribute nicely to the overall value of your home.

Lighting Under the Cabinets

Give your kitchen a nice lift! Sometimes, we can block the light we need when doing things like finely chopping an onion or even putting together a gingerbread house by standing between the light and the counter. Having under-cabinet lighting solves that shadow problem while raising the interior value of your home. Aside from the unique style it contributes to your home’s overall aesthetics, it’s really good for making sure you have adequate lighting.

Raise the Ceiling

Having high ceilings is great for space and also improves mood. This is largely because of all the natural light it can let into the home. It can also help you save on your electricity bill in the summertime. Hot air rises, so it will be much easier to cool things down. 


If you’re already spending on your custom-built home, you want to make sure to maximize your expenses. You can do this by being smart about the upgrades you choose and ensuring they’re the very best. With all these tips in mind, you’ll certainly have a custom-built home that you and your family deserve.

In need of a custom home builder in Edmonton? Contact Urban Sky Developments! We’re local experts in home construction, from modern new townhomes to infill housing projects.

Custom Home Builder

4 Steps to Find the Best Custom Home Builder for Your Dream Home

Building your own custom home is an exciting step that most homeowners look forward to taking. It’s the golden opportunity to realize the vision you’ve always wanted for your home: the big, bright windows, the open floor plan, and a two-toned kitchen that looks like it came straight out of a magazine. To put fantasy into reality, though, you’ll have to make sure you hire the right custom home builder in Edmonton who truly understands your plans and knows how to make it happen.

Luckily, finding custom home builders to fulfill your dream is much easier than you might think. Here are four simple steps to help you find home builders in Edmonton to create your ideal house:

– Figure Out What You Want

Before you start drafting a list of construction design experts to build your dream home, you’ll first have to figure out what you want. It’s best to be as specific as possible, such as the layouts you wish to have for a few rooms or even having a fleshed-out home plan. Be sure to consider any potential expansions or renovations, as the house must grow with you and accommodate your growing family over the years. By nailing this down, you can discuss this in-depth with custom home builders, who can offer you a more accurate estimate based on the features you want for your home. 

– Create a List of Potential Custom Home Builders

The next step is to canvass potential builders that you can work with to create your home. If you have friends or other family members who have recently hired builders, you can ask them for their recommendations. You can also do a quick search online to find the best custom home builders and modern urban designers in Edmonton. 

When making your shortlist, be sure to check out the custom home builders’ portfolio and past work. If you can inspect it in person and talk to those living in the home, it will give you essential insight into how the builders work and how it can affect your home building process. Getting this insight will also help you find a builder who can work with your budget.

– Contact Your Shortlist

Now that you’ve narrowed down your shortlist, it’s time to contact them and ask about their services. The first thing you should note is how accessible they are, as you’ll be working with the builder closely during construction. They must be available whenever you have concerns or questions; otherwise, it can compromise your home construction’s success. 

However, it’s crucial to set expectations. They won’t be at your disposal 24/7, but they should return emails, phone calls, or any text messages promptly. If your prospective builder takes too long to respond to even minor details, you’ll want to eliminate them. 

– Interview Your Prospects

The final step for finding the best custom home builder is to start interviewing those on your shortlist. You’ll want to make sure you have a list of questions ready so that you can assess their fit to your needs. Take note of how they respond to your questions and if they seem genuinely interested in partnering with you. 

You’ll want to ask how long they’ve been in the business and how many projects they completed, along with any licenses and insurance. You’ll also need to discuss any additional fees that come with constructing your home and the scheme they use to come up with the costs they’ll charge to you. It’s also best to ask them about their process and if they’re open to making adjustments during construction. The important thing here is to ask all your questions during this stage, so you have the best shot at finding the most suitable custom home builder for you!


The right custom home builder will be enthusiastic about your project and be eager to work with you and make your vision come to life. Finding the right chemistry with a custom home builder can be challenging, but by keeping these four steps in mind, you’ll find a valuable partner in realizing your dream home.

Urban Sky Developments is a custom home builder in Edmonton specializing in sustainable and modern new townhomes, multiplexes, infill housing projects, and major renovations. As local experts in construction design, we make it our mission to focus on quality to exceed our clients’ expectations. Contact us today to get started!

Home Construction

New Home Construction – 3 Stages a Site Visit Is Required

Are you thinking about pursuing a new home construction? With the help of a highly reliable custom builder, you’ll achieve the dream home you’ve so long envisioned for you and your family. After completing the planning and designing stage with expert architects and designers’ help, you’ll most probably leave the entire construction to the professionals and let them bring your vision to life. From framing to plumbing and electrical work down to exterior finishing and landscaping, you’ll trust that your hired contractors will be able to deliver on time with a successful construction project.

However, did you know that a part of the overall equation is your site visit to check on your home construction progress? In this article, we will share three crucial stages when you must have a construction site visit:

1) During the Early Stage After Framing

A site visit is required during the early stage of the construction, which is usually when the frame has been erected, and the mechanical installation is about to ensue. As the homebuyer, you must consider the basic plumbing, electrical, and other utility construction and make sure they’re properly built.

At this point, it’s best to have a list of questions and bring copies of floor plans. While you’re at it, envision where you want the electrical outlets, plumbing fixtures, and other utility pipes situated. After this site inspection, you’ll be able to decide on the best electrical, plumbing, and utility features for your new home.

2) Before the Drywall Construction

Once the electrical, plumbing, and utility systems have been set up, you can go ahead and have another walkthrough. The ultimate purpose is to confirm that all the requested features discussed with your builder as stipulated in the contract agreement are installed correctly. This will also allow the builder to educate you on how the home will function.

During this visit, be sure to listen carefully and jot down vital matters on your notes, including maintenance schedules, warranties, and safety precautions required for the home. Ultimately, this stage is crucial as it is your last opportunity to add something or make some last-minute changes.

3) During the Pre-Closing Construction Stage

The pre-closing construction stage is when your house is about to be completed. During this phase, your drywall is already up, the floor is completed, and even the cabinetry is already installed. It’s essential to have a final walkthrough to discuss the “final touches” of your house.

At this point, your construction manager will bring you on a tour of every room. From there, you’ll decide and confirm your requested features and all systems installed. You will finalize almost everything here, from electrical features, plumbing units, HVAC, appliances, and lighting. From there, your house will be completed based on what you envisioned at the beginning!


At this point, you now know the three stages to have a site visit for your new home construction: during the early stage after framing, before the drywall construction, and during the pre-closing construction stage. Keep in mind that these stages are deemed to be the most crucial in your construction project. Likewise, it’s best to hire a highly reliable builder to ensure that every contractor has your best interest in mind to ensure that your home vision will turn into a reality!

Are you looking to get a new home construction in Edmonton? You’ve come to the right place, as we’re specialized in housing and urban development in the area. If you’re looking for a custom home builder, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!



Edmonton’s Hottest Home

Experience luxury living in one of Edmonton’s trendiest neighbourhoods; exclusively at VP110. This 2650 sq. ft 3 bed 3 bath custom-built home is sure to impress with its high-grade finishes, custom fixtures and solid construction.
Located along Edmonton’s River Valley, just minutes from downtown; this stunning home provides breathtaking views of the Ravine and Edmonton’s skyline from the privacy of your third-floor loft.

And, newly reduced, this one-of-a-kind home exudes comfort! From the open concept floorplan, which provides optimal flow, to the windows which provide the best natural lighting. The heated flooring in the oversized ensuite gives off spa-like vibes. And, the smart power technology throughout means that you are always connected; allowing you to effortlessly optimize your home settings from virtually anywhere.
Incredibly priced at just $899,000 this home is easily one of the best deals in its category.

Get the details here.
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