Infill growing up, not out

Major cities have been strategically planning for several years to increase urban redevelopment and improve the
‘balance’ and reduce the associated economic challenges of suburban sprawl. Urban Infill development can play an
active part in achieving municipalities goals. Simply put, infill development is the construction of new homes and
businesses within existing urban areas. Urban infill construction increases the livelihood of urban neighborhoods,
improves the environment, reduces traffic congestion, and dramatically utilizes under-used land better. An effective
strategy to combat climate change, conserve energy, and improve the quality of life for everyone.
Amidst everything, infill development offers a practical and viable solution that rebuilds older community amenities –
parks, street lighting, shopping, grocery stores, schools, libraries, health services, etc. Infill development restores
livability and sustainability to urban subdivisions, reduces the need for costly suburban infrastructure projects, and can
even create new jobs.

Urban Sky Developments has been a leader in urban redevelopment with several years of experience in residential
design build. Urban Sky’s projects focus on family living and at-home workers, with clean lines and contemporary
minimalism for an efficient and comfortable space. Our designs deliver aesthetic, functional and financial benefits to its
infill homeowners.

We create new cost-effective residential infill homes with lower energy costs, closer access to walkable neighborhoods
for schools, shopping, parks, public transportation (to name a few). We are proud to be part of the movement to reduce
traffic congestion and reliance on car culture, a natural buffer against climate, and restoring livelihoods to urban living.
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