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Why Sustainability Is the Future of Home Construction

Today, businesses from different industries are incorporating sustainability. From retail to pet care, hospitality, and even construction, companies are making an effort to reduce their impact on the environment. It has resulted in massive gains overall—the environmental consulting industry market in Canada is projected to reach $2.5 billion in 2021.

Sustainability isn’t just about being more eco-friendly. There are various benefits to choosing eco-conscious options, especially in building structures. Beyond preserving the environment, here are other reasons why you should opt for sustainable homes.

Businesses Save Money with Sustainable Construction

Energy-efficient buildings save money, and savings are always welcome for homeowners. According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, energy-efficient home construction can result in monthly net savings of up to US$32.

Projects that use sustainable techniques like tilt-up wall construction save money for the homeowners in the long run. Unlike other materials like wood, concrete can absorb, store, and release heat at higher rates, which means reduced energy costs.

Sustainable Homes Improve Residents’ Quality of Life

Most homes built with traditional materials emit toxins that affect people’s well-being. Constructing these homes is dangerous for construction workers and the eventual occupants of the house. With sustainable construction, there are fewer harmful effects on residents. Paints, carpets, and other building or furnishing materials can be health hazards.

Sustainable building materials can purify the air and expose people to fewer toxins. Custom design homes like the ones Urban Sky makes integrates form and function—you’ll be sure to get energy efficiency and sleek design with every build.

Sustainable Building Encourages Innovation

Monopolies can exist in all industries, and construction is no different. There is little room for innovation or improvements in a monopoly; the people who benefit the most from it want to keep things the way they are. Sustainable construction has created a path for new solutions and techniques in building. It also means opportunities for newcomers to establish themselves.

Sustainable Construction Is Convenient

Two decades ago, sustainable construction and green homes were less available than they are now. However, because of technological advancements and support from government agencies and the private sector, these hypothetical builds are now the standard.

Green materials are often more affordable than traditional ones. Though constructing a green home is only marginally cheaper, homeowners with sustainable homes reap long-term savings. Builders like Urban Sky also make things convenient for clients—our end-to-end approach takes care of everything from land purchase to handover.

The government is also doing its share with the Canada Greener Homes Grant, launched in May 2021. It aims to help up to 700,000 Canadian homeowners improve their home’s energy efficiency and reduce their energy bills through retrofitting grants of up to $5,000.

These home improvements include adding insulation, improving heating and cooling systems, replacing windows and doors, and purchasing solar panels or other renewable energy methods for their home. This grant and other similar measures make green construction a reality for people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it.


Climate change has become a reality that we cannot ignore, and scientists maintain that the world needs a radical shift in how it consumes resources. Home construction is an area that could significantly contribute to environmental preservation.

Beyond being good for the earth, though, green construction provides further benefits to homeowners and builders. Hopefully, with the cost-effectiveness and availability of sustainable construction, homes in the near future will be green by default.

Invest in your future by teaming up with Urban Sky today. We specialize in sustainable housing and urban development in Edmonton, marrying modern and innovative concepts with tried-and-true building techniques. Create your dream home today—contact us to learn more!

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