Triple Bottom Line

The idea of TBL (triple bottom line) is that a company manages itself in a way that not only makes money but also improves people’s lives and the well-being of the planet. 

TBL theory says that if a company focuses on finances only and does not examine how it interacts socially and environmentally, it is not able to see the whole picture and therefore cannot account for the full cost of doing business. Profitability is quantitative, so it is easy to measure. What constitutes social and environmental responsibility, however, is somewhat subjective. 

By its nature infill, development, and neighborhood redevelopment is socially and environmentally responsible. For Urban Sky, its social and environmental contributions from its infill design and construction include:

  • Hiring local, qualified designers and construction trades
  • Purchasing from local suppliers
  • Combining and balancing the design principles for function and form
  • Designing in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner
  • Much of the construction material waste is reused and recycled (lumber, drywall, electrical wire, insulation)
  • Energy-efficient heating systems and plumbing fixtures
  • Use of smart electrical power systems
  • Landscape plans incorporate local climate and environment that requires minimal resource inputs (and are a great addition for carbon-sequestering)