Designing a Smart Home

3 Smart Tips to Remember When Designing a Smart Home

The concept of a home has remained the same for decades. As long as you have a roof above your head, walls surrounding your premises, and a door to lock out the danger, all is good and well.

In the past, these things used to be enough—but not anymore!

If there’s anything technology has taught people, it’s that everything can do more and be more. Your house isn’t an exception to this idea; you can upgrade your house and transform it into a residence that can keep up with the times and meet your changing needs at the same time.

What You’ve Been Missing

Smart home technology isn’t a fad that will go away anytime soon; it is only continuing to advance at a rapid pace, perhaps even much faster than imagined! When you take the time to think about how you live, you’ll be surprised at how technology has affected your home life and how much it could further improve it.

Smart home technology is more than just having the newest television or an automated security system. The possibilities are endless! With the ever-increasing options now available, it’s nearly impossible to dismiss the idea of having a smart home. From audio, visual, lighting, and your HVAC system, you can easily incorporate innovative technology into your residence with the help of Urban Sky’s exceptional design team.

How to Upgrade Your House Into a Smart Home

Having a smart home isn’t about buying the latest smart home device; smart home technology is supposed to make life easier and more comfortable.

Before going through with your redesign, you should first keep these things in mind:

Consider Your Switches and Wiring

Wireless doesn’t mean you should forget about wiring entirely! Even if you plan to have complete control of everything from your gadget, your lighting system will still require physical controls. Besides deciding whether you should go wired or wireless, you should also determine the location of your switches and the placement of your wiring.

Design-build firms, such as Urban Sky, will see to it that the smart physical controls will allow for easy lighting control.

Mind the Audio and Video Distribution

You no longer need to go to the cinemas to have the ultimate audio-video experience. With the available smart home technology, you can bring 4K video and high-resolution music to every room in your house!

Instead of just purchasing the most high-tech speaker and the newest TV you can find, you should also focus on extending the wiring in every room. Urban Sky’s custom home builders will ensure that you have the best entertainment experience by considering prime viewing positions, room layouts, acoustics, and other related factors.

Use Smart Thermostats

Smart home technology doesn’t only provide entertainment and convenience—it also improves comfort!

Thermostats may not be the first thing on your mind when you think of smart technology, but they are a worthwhile design consideration. Our house builders at Urban Sky will ensure that the sensors are placed in the proper zones to balance function and style while considering your HVAC system and your home’s airflow quality.


There are many possibilities for smart homes, so it can be challenging to come up with the right design. Smart homes are relatively new, so not every construction firm has the experience or the knowledge to build a house compatible with advanced technology. As such, it’s essential to reach out to a design-build firm like us at Urban Sky, as we know how to bring your smart home to life without complications!

Let Urban Sky Developments help you build your smart home in Edmonton! Our design-build firm provides affordable and modern designed urban living, no matter what type of housing you have. Our fantastic team will work with you to create your custom home and build outstanding value. Contact us today to get started!

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