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Major Renovation

If you love your current location and home, consider a major renovation instead. Utilizing the existing foundation and structure, our team works with you to enhance your space. Providing modern, redesigned options; you choose the look, the floor plans, fixtures, and finishes.

Some other personalized look and feel benefits include:

1. Increased Comfort – If your home no longer meets your needs, a home renovation could make it much more usable and provide added comfort.

2. Increased Home Value – Upgrades to a home will help increase its value.

3. Reduction in Maintenance Costs – Like anything else in life a building must also be maintained. Home repair costs tend to increase as homes age, but with a major renovation it will ensure that home repairs are greatly reduced.

4. Reduction in Utility Costs – Building materials are constantly improving and becoming much more energy efficient. If the home renovation includes new windows, and doors you can increase the level of energy efficiency thereby reducing energy costs.

5. New Trends – A major renovation will incorporate the latest trends. Open spaces and clean lines were not always sought after, but today they are crucial. Kitchens have also become the hub of the home and it is important that your home adapt to new trends.

  • ottewell exterior stone siding
    New renovation Ottewell exterior
  • spacious built in closet in ottewell
    spacious walk in closet
  • large bonus room ottewell
    large bonus room with led lighting
  • large spare bedroom ottewell
    large spare bedroom
  • large walk in closet with natural lighting
    large walk in closet with natural lighting
  • master bedroom with walk in closet ottewell
    master bedroom with walk in closet
  • modern breakfast bar
    modern breakfast bar
  • open dining area with granite countertops
    open concept dining area with granite features
  • spare bathroom automated shower
    spare bathroom with automated shower
  • ultra modern kitchen with patio access
    ultra modern kitchen with patio access
  • spacious living room smart appliances
    laundry room with smart appliances
  • living room with custom flooring and led lighting
    Living Room with Custom Flooring
  • spacious dining area
    Spacious Dining Area
  • modern kitchen ottewell
    Modern Kitchen featuring stainless steel appliances
  • spacious bedroom with natural light
    Spacious Bedrooms with Natural Lighting
  • vibrant ensuite bathroom ottewell
    Vibrant Ensuite Bathroom
  • bright bathroom stainless steel fixtures
    bright bathroom stainless steel features
  • open concept living room
    open concept living room