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Detached & Semi-Detached Homes

Offering the latest in modern, new home construction, with easy access to urban conveniences and natural amenities, these unique houses render an open concept layout and ultra modern feel with beautifully appointed kitchens, roomy master suites with ensuites, and many other conveniences. Available in a variety of fully customized layouts, finishes, fixtures, and enviro-friendly attention to details; the possibilities are endless!

subdivided detached home exterior

A detached home is a stand-alone, one-family residence, while a semi-detached house is one that is joined to another by a common wall that they share. Whether you purchase a detached or semi-detached home, you will be getting the title deed to the building and the land it is situated on.

  • basement kitchenette led lighting
    basement kitchenette with led lighting
  • bonus basement room
    bonus basement room
  • bright upstairs hallway led lighting
    bright upstairs hallway
  • ensuite bathroom master
    Ensuite master bathroom
  • Spacious ensuite with custom tiling
    Spacious ensuite bathroom with dual sinks
  • Modern kitchen featuring LED lighting and unique fixtures
    modern kitchen with rear entrance
  • Ensuite and Master bedroom with large windows
    Ensuite bathroom in master bedroom
  • Living area featuring LED lighting and luxury vinyl tile
    large living room
  • Modern kitchen featuring LED lighting and unique fixtures
    Modern kitchen
  • Open concept floorplan with ultra-modern fixtures
    Open concept floorplan
  • vibrant upstairs laundry
    Upstairs Laundry with Spacious Storage
  • spare bedroom with luxury tiles
    Spare Bedroom with Custom Vinyl Flooring
  • spare bathroom with unique hardwares
    Spare Bathroom with Unique Hardwares
  • spare bathroom unique features
    Spare Bathroom with Unique Features
  • spacious spare bedroom
    Spacious Spare Bedroom
  • spacious spare bathroom
    Spacious Spare Bathroom
  • spacious master bathroom
    Large Master Bathroom
  • Spacious kitchen with island and modern fixtures
    Open Concept Kitchen with Island
  • Open concept dining room
    Open Concept Dining Room
  • subdivided detached home exterior
    Unique Exterior Features
  • exterior detached urban sky home
    Beautiful one-of-a-kind designs