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New Home Construction – 3 Stages a Site Visit Is Required

Are you thinking about pursuing a new home construction? With the help of a highly reliable custom builder, you’ll achieve the dream home you’ve so long envisioned for you and your family. After completing the planning and designing stage with expert architects and designers’ help, you’ll most probably leave the entire construction to the professionals and let them bring your vision to life. From framing to plumbing and electrical work down to exterior finishing and landscaping, you’ll trust that your hired contractors will be able to deliver on time with a successful construction project.

However, did you know that a part of the overall equation is your site visit to check on your home construction progress? In this article, we will share three crucial stages when you must have a construction site visit:

1) During the Early Stage After Framing

A site visit is required during the early stage of the construction, which is usually when the frame has been erected, and the mechanical installation is about to ensue. As the homebuyer, you must consider the basic plumbing, electrical, and other utility construction and make sure they’re properly built.

At this point, it’s best to have a list of questions and bring copies of floor plans. While you’re at it, envision where you want the electrical outlets, plumbing fixtures, and other utility pipes situated. After this site inspection, you’ll be able to decide on the best electrical, plumbing, and utility features for your new home.

2) Before the Drywall Construction

Once the electrical, plumbing, and utility systems have been set up, you can go ahead and have another walkthrough. The ultimate purpose is to confirm that all the requested features discussed with your builder as stipulated in the contract agreement are installed correctly. This will also allow the builder to educate you on how the home will function.

During this visit, be sure to listen carefully and jot down vital matters on your notes, including maintenance schedules, warranties, and safety precautions required for the home. Ultimately, this stage is crucial as it is your last opportunity to add something or make some last-minute changes.

3) During the Pre-Closing Construction Stage

The pre-closing construction stage is when your house is about to be completed. During this phase, your drywall is already up, the floor is completed, and even the cabinetry is already installed. It’s essential to have a final walkthrough to discuss the “final touches” of your house.

At this point, your construction manager will bring you on a tour of every room. From there, you’ll decide and confirm your requested features and all systems installed. You will finalize almost everything here, from electrical features, plumbing units, HVAC, appliances, and lighting. From there, your house will be completed based on what you envisioned at the beginning!


At this point, you now know the three stages to have a site visit for your new home construction: during the early stage after framing, before the drywall construction, and during the pre-closing construction stage. Keep in mind that these stages are deemed to be the most crucial in your construction project. Likewise, it’s best to hire a highly reliable builder to ensure that every contractor has your best interest in mind to ensure that your home vision will turn into a reality!

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