Infill Housing

Infill Housing: Blending an Established Neighborhood With a New Home

Put simply, an infill home is a custom-built dwelling meant for either single-family or multi-family use, usually situated in neighbourhoods that are already established. Chances are, it’s a subdivided property with the neighbouring lot hosting the original residence on it.

Alternatively, there could also be a home that’s aged considerably, needing major renovation work, on a part of the lot. Typically, renovation gets passed over in favour of just tearing everything down. Afterwards, custom home builders get called in for a house that suits the buyer’s lifestyle as well as the location and lot.

Infill homes are often able to incorporate the likes of a garden suite or basement suite. They serve one of two purposes: space for extended family to live independently, or rental income.

What Makes Infill Housing Entirely Beneficial?

– You Can Lessen the Time Spent Commuting

If this is a first-time homebuyer situation, then prior to that, you were renting or leasing property near your job and preferred amenities. You’ve been able to step away from dealing with traffic and go with either a bike or riding the bus. When an Urban Sky home is built in an established neighbourhood, its proximity to many things is evident almost immediately. Moreover, you can continue to forego your car as you move around.

– Your Consumption of Energy Will Decrease Considerably

There’s not much freedom with architecture when it comes to bigger gated communities. It means that while design components and other things are within your control, house orientation is not. The general footprint the property ends up leaving is out of your hands, too. When a home is custom-built from the very start, the possibilities are endless:

  • Floor-by-floor custom installation
  • Options for cooling and heating
  • Windows placed in a strategic manner

Ask your builder about possible incentives or even grants from the government for these building choices. Urban Sky is more than happy to offer guidance regarding these benefits as they become available to you.

– Your Home Gains Character

There is no shortage of well-established neighbourhoods in certain parts of Canada, including Edmonton. Schools, parks with gorgeous trees, community centres—the list of benefits is endless. All of this helps to colour the experience of living in that home. Urban Sky will be able to help smoothen this transition with neighbours who may have concerns or mixed feelings about sudden construction in their neighbourhood.

– Your Property’s Value Increases

When an infill home has current design elements and features that save energy and is custom-built to your standards, the real estate investment as a whole rises in value. Contrary to the olden days when large homes on big city lots fetched a lump sum, people are now more drawn to new homes in reputable neighbourhoods. Working with Urban Sky on getting an infill home is one of the safest investments to make.


Infill homes are amazing, typically custom-built for single-family or multi-family use. They are built on city lots in well-established neighbourhoods. The benefits of a home like this include an increase in property value, the home gaining character, and a decrease in energy consumption.

Looking for infill home builders in Edmonton? Or perhaps you have a property that you’re interested in turning into an infill home? Drop Urban Sky Developments a line today! We’re local experts in home construction.

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