Home Makeover Ideas

5 Ideas to Makeover Your House

The holidays are a great time to remodel your home. With family and other guests coming over, you need to have something new to flaunt. Even if you haven’t set aside a big budget, you can incorporate some low-key affordable home makeover ideas that will transform the look of your home without burning a hole in your pocket. You can either plan the redesign yourself or call upon the help of home makeover services to do it from scratch. If you need some inspiration, here are some home makeover ideas that you can put into action:

Cover Up the Floors

The floors are one of the most overlooked aspects when you remodel your home. However, they tend to collect the most dirt, dust and grime, so it’s essential to deep clean your floors and give them a more polished look. Additionally, you can add wooden flooring or cover any unattractive floor areas with a rug or carpet. This will not only hide any floor stains but enhance the look of your home.

Get Wallpaper for Walls and Ceilings

Some of the most common home makeover ideas revolve around wallpaper. You can choose a plain or patterned wallpaper for different rooms – florals for the kitchen, tropical for washrooms, or cosmic for bedrooms. You can also use wallpaper on your ceiling to cover up any discolored areas or parts of the ceiling damaged due to bad plumbing.

Hang Crafts on Plain Walls

Most home makeover ideas involve adding photo galleries on a plain wall. You could opt for the same or try something new. We suggest a crafts wall, where you can hang origami, wreaths, tapestry, hand-made paintings, and other kinds of wall hangings.

Declutter the Entire Home

The most efficient and cost-effective way to give your home a makeover is to reorganize everything. Let go of things that are broken, damaged or not required anymore and declutter every space. You could also do away with broken cabinets and shelves and make more space in your home.

Get Indoor Plants

Indoor plants enhance the aesthetics of your home. You can make space on shelves or tables for plants like bonsai, snake plant, peace lily, jade plant and succulents or hang asparagus ferns and spider plants on your walls and windows. If you have a balcony or outdoor space, you can a rubber plant, fiddle-leaf fig, bird of paradise, split-leaf philodendron or dragon tree. Most of these plants require little maintenance, so they are ideal for your house, even if you do not have a green thumb.

It is not easy to remodel your home by yourself in a short period of time. With the holidays fast approaching, you can reach out to home makeover services like Urban Sky Developments. Our design team will help you create a home that surpasses your expectations while maintaining your budget. Contact us today and we shall get started on your dream home right away.

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