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How to Make the Most Out of Upgrading Your Custom-Built Home

For anyone that’s building a custom home, maximizing the budget is key. There is a balance that needs to be struck between the best your family deserves and one that’s within budget. A great way to go about this is to assess how your family lives, and think about which features would be non-negotiables. Many modern urban designers in Edmonton are keen on working closely with their clients to give them their exact dream home within their budget.

No two families will be exactly alike, but there are definitely key things that everyone generally prefers. Here are some ways to make the most out of upgrading your custom built home:

Additional Garage Space

Yes, the addition of a new garage can be quite pricey. However, it will certainly prove itself to be worth it in the long run. On top of having more storage space you can work with, the overall resale appeal of your home will increase.

Bigger Kitchen Island

There are so many uses for a kitchen island in a home, especially in modern kitchens. Aside from being a cooking area and dining space, it also serves as extra storage and even children’s entertainment. With all that in mind, it makes perfect sense that the larger you go, the better.

Granite Countertops

This will definitely cost a bit more, but the return on investment will be incredible. There’s a classy, gorgeous touch to having granite countertops. They’re also incredibly durable. Not sure where it would look best? Custom home builders will have no problem installing these for you, whether you want them in your bathroom or kitchen.

Hardwood Flooring

If you already have hardwood floors in some parts of your home, then good! It would be great if they were in high-traffic areas, though! Aside from being absolutely beautiful, they’re extremely durable. Foot traffic is withstood far better by hardwood instead of carpet. Also, they contribute nicely to the overall value of your home.

Lighting Under the Cabinets

Give your kitchen a nice lift! Sometimes, we can block the light we need when doing things like finely chopping an onion or even putting together a gingerbread house by standing between the light and the counter. Having under-cabinet lighting solves that shadow problem while raising the interior value of your home. Aside from the unique style it contributes to your home’s overall aesthetics, it’s really good for making sure you have adequate lighting.

Raise the Ceiling

Having high ceilings is great for space and also improves mood. This is largely because of all the natural light it can let into the home. It can also help you save on your electricity bill in the summertime. Hot air rises, so it will be much easier to cool things down. 


If you’re already spending on your custom-built home, you want to make sure to maximize your expenses. You can do this by being smart about the upgrades you choose and ensuring they’re the very best. With all these tips in mind, you’ll certainly have a custom-built home that you and your family deserve.

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