Building Infill: It Takes a Community

As we continue to operate within the new normal, Edmonton’s Infill industry, businesses and communities are working together. In doing so, Urban Sky recently had the opportunity to meet with MP James Cumming; who is passionate about the Edmonton community he serves. With his background in construction and real estate, he wanted to get out to the ‘front lines’ to see first-hand the activity that continues, despite the challenges of the pandemic. And, it just so happens that Urban Sky has infill development projects and residential builds within MP Cummings riding.
During the tour, we were able to showcase and discuss with MP Cumming, not only Urban Sky Developments, but also highlight the positive aspects and economic impacts from urban residential development.” Some which include:

• proximity to commercial destinations and various local amenities. With ease of access to alternative transportation options such as cycling, or transit this can help to reduce overall emissions.
• better utilization of existing infrastructure and municipal services.
• increase to the type and quantity of redeveloped urban infill housing options available. If you are looking to upgrade or downsize; infills provide the opportunity to stay within a neighborhood that you love while choosing a home that best suits your needs and budget.
• better support for local businesses and community services through increased density and usage. I.e.) coffee shops, specialty retail, schools, recreation facilities, etc.

Despite the ‘new normal’ challenges, Urban Sky and the Edmonton infill industry continues to operate (within the required restrictions), using local labor and building material. The economic impact of this is significant; not only at the time of construction, but after the new home is occupied as it generates additional property tax income for the City.

As the tour concluded, Cumming commented that he “had a fantastic afternoon touring infill sites with Tom Keogh from Urban Sky. Great entrepreneur who loves this city and is doing amazing things for it.”
Tom also concluded “We are proud to show the positive impacts that urban residential is making. Imagine how it can grow and benefit many more people if we can [continue] to make improvements to processes, systems, administration, etc.”