Semi-Detached Home

Why You Should Consider Building a Semi-Detached Home

If you are on the hunt for a new home, you have probably encountered the terms detached and semi-detached houses. Detached homes are pretty easy to understand, but what exactly is a semi-detached house?

In this post, Urban Sky Development explains what a semi-detached house is and some pretty good reasons to consider one for your next home:

What Is a Semi-Detached Home?

In a nutshell, a semi-detached house is a duplex dwelling that shares a common wall. The two semi-detached homes mirror each other and still offer sufficient privacy for the homeowners. Of course, if you live in a semi-detached, you are expected to take care of your portion of the property.

Think of semi-detached as a cross between a detached home and a townhouse. Whereas a townhouse has neighbours’ homes connected on either side and comes with limited privacy, semi-detached houses balance that by offering larger yards, and they only have one wall shared with their neighbour.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Semi-Detached House

There are several reasons for you to seriously consider investing in a semi-detached home. Here are some of them:

Reason #1: It’s Affordable

A semi-detached house is significantly cheaper than a family home. If you are not in a financial state where you can afford a large mortgage payment, it’s better to go for a semi-detached house that is suitable for starter families. And by choosing to get it built by a trusted name like Urban Sky Developments, you know you’re getting one that’s built to last.

By choosing a cheaper option, you won’t be strapped for cash because of a huge mortgage that you’ll have to pay off for years. It doesn’t require a substantial down payment, so you might be able to afford one sooner.

Reason #2: It’s Easy to Maintain

Compared to a family house, a semi-detached one will be easier to maintain. For one it has a smaller yard. The roofing is also smaller, so if any repair is necessary, you can be sure that it won’t cost as much as it would with a bigger home.

It’s worth noting, though, that you should choose to get a home in a neighbourhood where the homeowner’s association is strict with the maintenance of properties, that way, you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about your neighbour not keeping their side clean and tidy.

Reason #3: It’s a Good Investment Property

You can choose to buy a semi-detached house and rent it out so you can make an income for your mortgage bills, which you can’t do with a single-family home because you’ll be required to pay the mortgage on your own for this type of home.

This payment method can be used until you’ve completed your mortgage. It’s a great way to both own property and earn money, too.

Reason #4: You Still Get Some Privacy

Some people are hesitant about getting townhouses because the idea of sharing both walls of their home with someone else may feel very limiting, privacy-wise. With a semi-detached house, you at least have one side that’s only yours, and you have a close neighbour on the other!


Hopefully, this post has helped you determine whether a semi-detached home is the right choice for you, whether you’re looking for a place to live or one to buy as an investment property. When you have made your decision, choose Urban Sky Developments to build it for you!

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