Energy-Smart Home

6 Ways To Build An Energy-Smart Home

There is no denying that climate change is real and that we need to take care and protect Mother Nature. There are actions that we, as individuals, can take to reverse the effects of climate change and building an energy-efficient home is a great step in the right direction. Listed below are six simple and easy-to-learn ways to build a smart home that saves energy and protects our planet. Follow them to build a new home that is cost efficient to own and affordable to build. 

Heat Water Sensibly

Water heating is often one of the largest energy expenses in a home after indoor cooling and heating. It is important for homeowners, designers, and builders to select and locate water heating technology that is efficient and helps to minimize the use of energy. You can minimize hot water use at home by installing water saving faucets, shower heads and other appliances that use hot water sparingly.  

Utilize Renewable Energy

PV panels, also known as grid-tied solar photovoltaic panels, provide the most cost-effective and efficient form of renewable energy for a zero energy and smart home. They can power a range of energy needs of a home, ranging from heating and cooling systems, use of appliances, hot water, and lighting. However, they are one of the most expensive components of an energy-efficient home and considering the costs involved are important for a homeowner. 

Use Highly Insulated Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are like big energy holes in an airtight building envelope that is well-insulated. They work as the third most cost-effective opportunity to make an energy-efficient home. You can control the heat by selecting appropriate door and window products. Carefully locate them and optimize their orientation and size. 

Take Advantage of the Sun for Solar Tempering

To make your home a smart home, using the sun’s energy during winter lowers heating costs. At the same time, shading your windows during summer lowers cooling costs. Solar tempering aims to optimize the passive use of the sun’s heat without incurring any additional cost of thermal mass. However, the process should be addressed in the design phase itself. 

Super-seal the Building Envelope

Super-sealing the envelope of the building is one of the most cost-effective measures opted by builders to improve energy efficiency of a smart home. Various proven and air-sealing approaches are available to explore and use. You can choose an approach that matches your budget, skills, and climate. 

Choose an Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling System

Heating and cooling systems that are cost-effective and energy-efficient are essential to meet the demands of a smart home. One good choice is selecting a ductless heat pump, also known as mini-split heat pump. These systems are energy efficient in nature and do not have any shortcomings of central, forced-air systems. 

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