Infill Developments 101:  Separate Your Needs FROM Your Wants

Knowing and separating your ‘needs’ from your ‘wants’ is critical for designing and budgeting your new infill home. A simple technique of creating needs and wants into two lists will save you a lot of time and anxiety and keep you within your affordable budget. Although simple on the surface, this important step can be challenging. The suggestions below may help. 

The detail in-between the detail 

At Urban Sky Developments, we take extra time to talk and coach our clients to understand how to identify and separately list their essential needs from their desired wants. You first need to know what you need BEFORE you start with what desires influence your wants. It comes down to justifying your needs list first on fact and secondly on emotion. 

Likely your desires that make up your ‘wants’ list will quickly bring additional cost, possibly beyond your budget. Individual wants may not appear to increase cost, but experience shows these quickly add up…for example – high-end cabinets, expensive countertops, unique looking plumbing fixtures and lighting packages, exotic flooring. Developing two different lists will avoid the confusion and should help you keep to your budget.  

Creating your needs and want list will likely require a few attempts. Make sure you include everyone in your family. Once you have this list present it to your Designer-Builder, who can provide you with their input, with cost, availability, alternatives, etc.  

Listing your wants and needs: Let’s get started!

Now that you understand why you should separate these two factors, let’s look at how to separate them. First, do your own local market research. Check websites, online magazines, talk to designers & builders. Even infill owners. Build your initial list of what you like.

My Market Research – List of What I likeReasons/Why

Now separately list your needs, then your wants, each with your reasons why. Take your time, do not rush. Share these lists with your friends to get their feedback.  

Needs ListReasons/Why
Wants ListReasons/Why

Need Help…not sure how to get started?  Give us a call or send us an email. We can get you up to speed quickly. 

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