How Much Square Footage Do You Really Need For Your Home?

Planning for your next home is an exciting time! It’s an opportunity for you to pick and choose all the features that you love. And, it means choosing a size of home that makes the most sense for you and your needs. So, how much square footage do you really need? And, where do you even start when it comes to deciding on this magical number? Here’s some tips to consider in determining a size that is right for you:

Floorplan Layout
Start with Main Floor Living and Eating Areas. This is key! A well-designed open-style main floorplan may be the best fit. This design maximizes all usable space while providing a more spacious design.

Sell Price
Budget is largely driven by the land, square footage and selection of fixtures and finishes. Make sure you also factor in legal costs, property tax, furniture, etc. as explained in our free downloadable planning guide.

Future Needs
Ask yourself; both now and long term, is this a home that will meet your needs? Is it one that you’re going to want to live in for 10 or 20 years, or beyond? If so, do you foresee the home as being able to serve your needs for as long as you’re planning to live there? Consider this:
Family size – do you have enough space for everyone? Will your family be growing anytime soon?
Finances – If utilities, taxes, or interest rates were to increase, would you still be able to afford the home? And, will you be able to manage any maintenance costs on the home?
Future goals – Are you focused on savings, travel, furthering your education? And if so, does the size and price of the home align with how you envision your lifestyle?

Know Your Priorities
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Larger homes can provide added space for hobbies and interests such as a gym, craft room, home office, etc. but, they can also mean more maintenance, yard work, snow removal, landscaping, house work, etc. And so, you must ask yourself, do you enjoy doing these types of tasks? Or, would you prefer to focus your time on other enjoyments in your life? And, does the size of my home allow me to focus more of my time on these enjoyments?

Dan Maginn, summed it up well with his article: Square Feat: Foot Steps ( where he suggests starting with your current home size and following these steps:
1. Measure and record the size of each room i.e.) kitchen, bathroom, utility room, etc.
2. Take note of whether each room feels too big or too small
3. Write down how your needs for each specific space may change in the future i.e.) growing your family, downsizing, upgrading the quality of your homes finishes and appliances, etc.
4. Adjust the numbers accordingly until you reach a number that’s just right. i.e.) increased master bedroom, larger living room, added ensuite, etc.
5. Add up all the adjusted numbers to arrive at your desired total square footage of your next home.

Ultimately, the goal is to find the perfect balance between comfortable and functional square footage while considering your needs both now and in the future. By thinking about how you use your current space now, what areas of your home are most important, and which spaces you may not be getting the most use out of, this will help you determine the perfect amount of square footage needed going forward.

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