Why Quality Matters

Being part of the design of your new infill home is not only the perfect way to achieve a custom layout, but you will have a home that is unique to you and your needs. And, choosing quality materials and construction workmanship  is key to achieving long-term value. Before starting, it is important to research a local builder who has extensive experience, can adapt to the available options that meets your budget and has demonstrated constructing quality homes. Here’s why:

Quality of Materials Leads to Being Energy-Smart
Choosing quality, eco-friendly materials often mean less energy waste, less maintenance and increased longevity.

Quality of Construction Workmanship
Complete and detailed construction drawings, with attention to detail, reduces build time and cost.

Combining Quality of Material with Quality of Construction Means Less Maintenance
A home that requires less maintenance reduces cost, and will last for years to come.

Maintain Higher Value
Quality materials not only adds aesthetic appeal, but also helps grow your home’s long-term value.

So, what components of your home achieves better long-term return on your investment? We recommend these 5 items to increase value:

1. Windows and Doors
Investing in energy efficient windows and doors can block out some of the harmful UV rays that fades flooring, paint and furniture, reduce heat loss in the winter, and keep inside cool air contained in the summer.

2. Insulation
High quality interior and exterior insulation retains inside heat in the winter and cool air in the summer, reduces energy demands , reduces noise, and provides an improved fire-retardant barrier.

3. Structurally Engineered Framing
Using enhanced structural designs reduces house settlement, increases necessary cavity space air-flow and properly treated wood can prevent fungus, mold etc.

4. Roof
Quality roofing materials provide durable, water-tight protection that results in long-term savings; it’s an area that’s worth investing in.

5. HVAC, Appliances and Fixtures
Energy efficient electrical, plumbing and heating fixtures provide additional savings. Make sure you look at their product specifications for quality of material and always ask to see samples.

Quality materials and construction workmanship is crucial when building your new infill home. Urban Sky Developments understands the importance of your investment and has both the experience and track record to prove it! We work closely with you to thoughtfully design and create a higher quality home that you will love and that is built to last. Ready to get started? Check out our current projects or Contact us to start designing!


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