Top 5 Reasons to Work With a Custom Home Builder

Building a home is an exciting time! Whether you’ve considered tearing down and rebuilding your existing home, adding on an extension or garage suite that you’ve always wanted, or building your dream home in a different location altogether; finding the right type of builder to work with is important when bringing your vision to life. Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider working with a custom home builder:

1. Better Value
Consider the custom home builder to be your one stop shop for all aspects of the custom build or major renovation. Through the custom builder, you essentially have access to an entire team of designers, architects, builders, contractors, project management. This means you won’t have to hire each individual separately. They will take the time to sit down with you, make notes of everything that you want in your new home or renovation. Using their combined knowledge and experience, they will be able to put together a plan that best suits your needs, and make further recommendations.

2. Communication is Streamlined
You have direct access to your project manager, which means that any concerns or questions that you have throughout the build process can be immediately addressed or answered. And, because you’re not having to go through a string of people to find the answers you’re looking for, you end up saving time, and miscommunication is reduced.

3. Quality
Your custom home builder has years of experience, can advise on where to focus more of your investment so that it retains value, and is committed to ensuring you have access to the highest quality materials for the best price.

4. Relationship
You are more than just a project number. Through working with a skilled team, relationships that go beyond the scope of the custom home build or renovation are often developed. Your project manager often becomes your friend over the course of the meetings, updates, and really works to advocate on your behalf to achieve your vision of your dream home.

5. Built Around Your Budget
Building a custom home means that you’re in control of your spending which means that you are not paying for the features and items that you don’t want or need. It means having the ability to discuss your budget in the beginning stages and have the builder develop a home around your numbers. And, the custom home builder will continue to monitor the costs through the building process to make sure that you’re not going over your budget.

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