You’re confident with the layout and planning of your new home, have made a decision on any last minute structural changes or additions, and you’re happy with the drawings that have been submitted for the development permit! It’s now time to look at PHASE 3:  FINAL PLANS, BUILDING PERMIT AND START OF CONSTRUCTION

  • Once you are satisfied that all your needs have been met, Urban Sky will move to a final set of plans that we will use to actually build your home. After obtaining your development permit, our designers can proceed to the third step of the design process for your custom home.
  • The design team next prepares site plans and drawings needed for the building permit. This entails detailed floor plans, detailed exterior elevations, roof plans and electrical plans. Our team creates a building permit package and takes care of everything required to proceed to the construction process.
  • Urban Sky will complete the full set of construction drawings and specifications for your home once the Development Permit is approved. We will incorporate any items you have added during the interior design process and change orders will be issued for any items that have cost implications from the original agreement. We will meet for a final sign off of the construction documents and then apply for the Building Permit.
  • During the permitting process, Urban Sky will be busy preparing your property for the new build by coordinating demolition, utility disconnects and the removal of any hazardous materials that may be required. In the interim, you will meet with Urban Sky’s professional Interior Designers to start developing the look and feel of your home’s interior. Our Designers will guide you through the selection of all your interior appointments, including everything from colors to cabinets, flooring, lighting, and appliances.
  • Once the Building Permit is issued, construction on your new home can begin. You will be introduced to your Site Superintendent who will schedule regular inspections with you during the building process. This will enable you to watch your new home take shape as the build progresses!

Are you ready to start building your next home? Contact Us! Our team is happy to work with you to bring your vision to life.


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