Advantages of Open Concept Floor Plans in Infill Homes

When designing your new home it’s important to consider functionality and layout in order to create a home that works best for you. That said, when it comes to infill housing, open concept designs pair really well to create a space that flows. If you haven’t yet decided on a design, here’s why you should consider an open floor plan:

1.Effective use of space. By having the kitchen, dining area and living room integrated, it creates a more inviting space that is perfect for entertaining. You could even take this one step further by having a deck flow off of the kitchen to create one continual space.

2. Increased natural lighting which comes from having larger windows, and perimeter lighting from adjacent areas of the open floorplan.

3. Safety. If you’re planning on having kids, having an open concept plan means that you can always keep an eye on them. Whether you’re in the kitchen and watching them play in the living room, or in the living room reading a book and able to watch them play on the deck; this layout provides peace of mind.

4. Encourages family time vs spending time individually in a compartmentalized space. With an open layout families can now spend time in the same space. Whether it’s the living area, kitchen, outdoor deck; they are all connected.

5. An open concept floor plan is essentially a blank canvas. By moving furniture around you can effectively change the look, feel, and size of an area because you’re not restricted by segregating walls. Need to make the living room bigger for family during the holidays? No problem! Just move your dining table, and you’ll have increased seating space and the appearance of a larger living room area.

6. More space. By reducing hallways, and unnecessary walls, you have an increase in actual living space, which means more room in your home to utilize however you would like.

7. Improved energy efficiency. Having one open space means that it is easier to heat and cool which can translate into a decreased cost of utilities. When it’s hot outside, cooling one main area is easier than trying to cool multiple compartmentalized ones. And, when it’s cool, those larger windows serve to create a greenhouse type effect and provide heating additional heating.

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